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© 2002 & 2010, M.Edward King, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London. These songs are Copyright free when all adjoining text is included: www.vegansongs.com

Song of the Dove
The Avian Saga
The Blind Man’s Pig
Tom Dooley
No Rapping the Dead
The Earthspring Song
Farmer’s Boy

These songs and poems began around forty years ago when I was a child growing up on a small beef and dairy farm in the north of England. I had such close contact with the cows and calves that I knew them better than I knew the children at school. Every time those trusting animals had their calves taken from them (so that we could sell their milk), and every time they were sent to the slaughter house (so that people could eat their flesh), my whole spirit cried out: “why did God make a world where this has to happen?”
Then I discovered that since as far back as the time of Pythagoras, there have been those who taught that we were never intended to eat animals in the first place. I learned that so many of the greatest thinkers of all time, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Albert Einstein, not only agreed with Pythagoras and Socrates, but they likewise discovered that they could live perfectly healthy lives without eating any flesh. Imagine my relief on finding out that the farming and eating of animals had nothing whatever to do with God; what I had witnessed throughout my childhood was a barbaric industry built entirely on the ignorance and greed of humans. The best news of all was that I had the choice of stepping clean out of it, so in the twenty third year of my life I became a vegetarian – for life.
Since then, the breeding and killing of farm animals has reached a level more than a thousand times greater than all human warfare combined. Even worse, we now feed more than half of all the planet’s grain to these artificially bred animals, which now makes animal farming the primary cause of world hunger – not my words, but those of the World Health Organization. In the latter years of his life, Einstein predicted that our evolution to vegetarianism was the single most urgent step that mankind must make in order to survive on this Planet!
I hope you will therefore understand why I, and several million others, believe that no person with any sense of ethics or conscience can continue to eat their fellow beings, nor fail to cry out on behalf of those billions of innocent creatures who cannot defend themselves, and whose death cries are so carefully hidden away from all human hearing.
M. Edward King, April 2009.
Old Church Tower, Pwllheli, North Wales, U.K. LL53 5DE

The Avian Saga
A Bird’s Eye View of Man
© 2002 & 2008, M. Edward King.

Where Africa lies, we flew the skies,
For ten thousand thousand years.
And though infant man beneath us ran,
No capture did we fear.
For man, like ape, had yet to kill,
Or fall on flesh as feed,
So he took delight in our forest flight,
And the forest met his need.

We still recall first human fall,
– from out the sheltering tree.
And yet born mild was human child,
And sang in melody:
“All of life is born to live,
And we are all born free,
Could I forsake and captive take,
The ones who sing to me?”

Eons went by, till we heard the cry,
Of a bird in a bamboo cage,
The forest was cut for a prison hut;
And a child with tears did gaze
Past injured wing and feathers torn,
To the human act obscene:
They’d tied her legs astride her eggs,
To make a breeding machine.
Continued over

Her last cry was to Panda nigh:
“Breed not unless you’re free;
For now man’s greed will slowly breed,
Billions of captives, from me.”
And with that cage began the age,
Where another door shut tight,
Our trust with man forsaken,

Thus came mans fall from Eden’s call,
But how did you hide your guilt?
Forge a god who’s willing to allow the killing,
Who for sin wants more blood spilt!
Now, with conscience dead, keep us in sheds
At tortured nature’s cost,
While you sink in your cities,
To bury the pity
Of your inner Eden lost.

Long-since times, when ice-bound climes
Drove hunger to your door,
Against your will you had to kill,
But that threat is here no more.
This, Plutarch knew, and Einstein too;
Isaiah saw killing cease,
Now a growing throng
Cries out, “It’s wrong!
Let earth regain her peace.”
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Though long our night and deep our fright,
While caged by man, now beast,
It equals not the darkness
Of those who on us feast.
For humans have the choice to eat
Of seed and fruit and grain,
Or scorn that wealth,
Endanger health
To feed on flesh and pain.

Each trusting child is thus defiled
For a myth, old habit has hid,
So through all times, free-thinking minds
From eating flesh made rid.
For when man kills he gains such ills,
And we suffer even more,
But blame no other,
Be killer, or brother,
The choice is here at your door.

From www. beyond the animal farm.com by M. Edward King.
The Avian Saga took nearly ten years to complete, between 1999-2008
The Bird’s Eye View of Man is Copyright free (for non-commercial use)
Providing all this subtext is included.

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The Blind Man’s Pig
M.Edward King, Ethiopia, Dec. 1984

The blind man takes the pig from the wood,
He plants concrete death cells where once we grew food.
He tears up the forest and dredges the seas,
And all this for flesh, our palates to please.

We richly nourished by wheat fruit and bean,
Yet plunder small nations for a process obscene,
To feed our caged creatures, force-bred and once wild,
With enough precious grain to feed each human child.

And the child lay dying in its mother’s weak arms,
A last condemnation of our animal farms,
For one needed but milk, the other but rice,
We took both, needing neither, and our souls became ice.

For Africa grows crops, an abundance of maize
But it’s often bought from them, meat animals to raise,
Before the great famine, there was surplus to store,
But we took it all from them, it’s happened before.

But listen now gentle friends, we need see you smile
As we reach for the day of the last hungry child
Stop buying dead flesh, let go of the knife
And we’ll walk hand in hand to a new kind of life.

Stop the blind man from taking the pig from the wood,
Stop him planting those death cells, let him grow food.
Stop him tearing up the forest and dredging the seas –
Stop buying dead flesh, old habits to please.

Tom Dooley
From the traditional folk song.
Adapted, M.Edward King, Kenya, 1984

Our greed has reached the tropics,
We’re paying for corn and cane,
So its cars and meat for the city elite
While the rest loose the land and the grain.
So, hang down your head, Tom Dooley,
Hang down your head and cry,
For the way that the West is eating,
Will keep you hungry till the day that you die.

Then I found we’d made a desert,
Where Cedars used to grow
But cattle for cash means burn and slash,
Till the soil with the winds did go. [CHORUS]

Then I found in my own dear country,
That creatures are kept in pain,
We are feeding all the farm animals,
With India’s share of the grain.
But listen to me Tom Dooley,
Listen to me don’t cry,
Listen to me Tom Dooley,
You don’t have to die.

’Cos things have started changing,
Deserts are turning green,
No farming and feeding, no killing and breeding,
For its vegan that’s changing the scene.
So, lift up your head Tom Dooley,
Lift up your head and smile,
For this day we can start feeding
Every little human child.

©.M. E.W. King. July 2006 & Apr 2009.

1. In the age in which we’re living, 
There is ever more misgiving 
Over what is done to those who cannot speak.
I was deaf to all their pain,
So I knew not any shame, 
   At eating For 
      Three bodies
          A week. 

( Chorus:) So give me avocados . . .

2. Then I wondered if a child 
Could take a creature from the wild,
Cut off its legs, then its skin, and its head?
So we pay for hidden slaughter, 
While we teach our sons and daughters,
  Our habit 
      Of eating 
         The dead.


3. So I’m O.K with avocados . . .
And I’ll eat tofu burgers . . . 
You can even give me black bean curd.
But don’t give me no bread, 
If it’s wrapping the dead -
  The remains 
    Of the body 
       Of no bird. 


4. And how soon we’ve lost sight, 
Of how all said it’s right, 
For humans, as slaves, to be bred. 
For the animals it’s worse,
We rend them thrice cursed:
  Take their children, 
     Steal their milk 
       And eat their dead 


5.It can be captives in a boat,
It can be those without a vote,
Do we ever see the evil of the day?
For every piece of flesh we buy,
We pay to breed the next to die,
  For as long
    As we look
       The other way.


6.While it’s humans who need feeding
The animals we’re breeding,
Outnumber every human six to one
Many children hardly eat
Because their food has fed your meat
  While the blame
    For this shame
      You pass on!


7.But choice, you say, is your right
That you can eat just as you like,
And it’s merely an opinion that I voice.
But your choice, - it kills so many;
This opinion, not any.
  And your victims –
    You give them
       Any choice?


8.So there’s more to avocados,
And eating tofu burgers,
Than minimizing illness – and your girth!
No less than Einstein did resolve,
From eating flesh we must evolve,
  Or mankind, he said,
     May not
       Survive on earth!

Copyright free with this subtext: From the musical (in construction):
www beyond the animal farm .com.

M. E. King, Smithfield, London, 1985 and April 2008

When I was a boy, a neighbor said to me,
“When you grow up, son, what’ you going to be?
You can go to college, study agronomy,
Then build a load o’ cabins, to farm intensively.
We’ve locked up all the chickens, and the pigs are in a cage,
Or with prices ever falling we can never make a wage.”

But I have heard the creatures, who are calling out in pain,
There are four for every human, prison captives to our shame [/ghastly game?]
So every time we sing this song to the children of the land,
There are ever growing numbers who decide to take a stand,
For we’ve told the deadly secret, so they know it’s all a lie,
And that dining off dead flesh is just a recipe to die.

With the croplands of this planet just an acre to a head,
For every one who’s eating flesh, it means another isn’t fed.
We can nourish every human, seven billion now in sight,
When we cease to breed the animals to feed to parasites.
You can’t deny the logic of a vegan living true,
Using less than half an acre, while your diet takes up two

But can’t you hear the creatures who are calling out in pain,
And a generation’s risen now to end this crying shame,
So every time we sing this song to the children of this land,
There are ever growing numbers who decide to take a stand,
For we’ve told the deadly secret, so they know it’s all a lie,
And that dining off dead flesh is just a recipe to die.

If I’m going to be a farmer, then it’s food I’m going to grow,
I’m done with breeding bodies for a bloody butcher’s show,
You can tell me that it’s fresh and it’s local in its prime
Carve a piece for you and the other part is mine
But I know what is living, and I know what is damned,
And one day there’ll be a law against the killing of a lamb.

For we have heard the creatures who are calling out in pain . . .

For non commercial use these songs may be copied or sent (with all adjoining text).

The Earthspring Song
A song for children.
© Malcolm E. King, 1982
At the Cancun ‘Third World’ Summit, Mexico.

Will all the earth be green, my friends?
This is our single aim.
Will every child be fed, my friends?
With fields of fruit and grain.

And when the work is done, my friends,
We’ll sing a song of joy,
That all the earth is fruitful
For every girl and boy.

But who will put the seeds in now?
We’ll sow them one by one,
Grow food for all earth’s children,
By work and rain and sun. [CHORUS]

But who will guard the seedlings now,
As they reach for the sun?
We’ll daily tend and water them,
Not play till work is done. [CHORUS]

For if we let a day go by,
Forget the earth to tend,
Then how can all the people eat,
And how can hunger end? [CHORUS]

Yes when the work is done my friends,
We’ll all go hand in hand,
Dance around the world my friend,
Bring joy to all the land. [CHORUS]

Some notes from the author

The style of these writings is an old one known as narrative verse. It is influenced by traditional Scottish, Irish and American song and verse writers. The spoken word best delivers rhythm and rhyme, so this material is intended to be recited or sung.
The time which I have put into this work over a period of forty years was not for monetary gain, but to help end the greatest suffering that this planet has ever known, and alert people to the dire warnings given by many of the greatest thinkers and achievers of all time, from Pythagoras, Plutarch, Buddha, St. Theresa of Avilla and Leonardo Da Vinci, to Mohandas Gandhi, H.G.Wells, George Bernard Shaw, and Albert Einstein.
The last three of these, when viewing our increasing warfare and the exploding populations of farm animals, repeatedly pointed out the dire necessity for mankind as a whole to free himself from the breeding and eating of animals. I believe Einstein foresaw that if mankind fails to climb out of the flesh-eating holocaust, which has now reached ONE BILLION ANIMALS PER WEEK, then we will destroy ourselves in a single war more ghastly than the sum total of all wars to date. Einstein’s reputed words, post-1945, on this matter were: ‘Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival of life on earth, as much as the evolution to the vegetarian way of life.’
With their own lives, the above mentioned individuals demonstrated the truth of what they said, for they went on to live fulfilled, creative, often long lives, completely free from flesh-eating.

My research into the connection between animal farming and human famine began when I was in Ethiopia in 1984. Over two million people died in the worst famine that our planet had ever known. While geographers were blaming drought, and politicians were blaming the Communist government, I found out from local farmers that 1983 had produced a bumper harvest of maize. Normally the surplus would have been stored, but instead, foreign dealers were outbidding local merchants for its purchase. I decided to find out who was financing them.
On my return to Europe I looked over the public records for the European Community’s imports of grain. During 1983/4, 200,000 tons of maize were brought out of Ethiopia. That was enough to have given two million people 100 kilos each. Almost all of it was used to fatten pigs, cattle and chickens, every one of which was then purchased in bits and pieces by those Europeans who wanted to eat meat. The
maize had contained about 20,000 tons of plant proteins; the animals it fed converted that into little more than a tenth as much animal protein.
The painful truth is that the purchase and transportation of that grain was paid for by those who purchased the flesh of the animals in order to eat it.
Meanwhile those so-called nutritionists who want to justify their own taste for meat were perpetuating the dogma that meat is an essential part of the diet. Yet every one of them knows that throughout Europe, America and Asia there are millions of biologically typical humans who are living healthier than average lives into their eighties and nineties without ever consuming animal flesh. [continued

Mankind has now reached the stage where the breeding, feeding, slaughter and eating of over 35 billion farm animals every year (five times greater than the whole human population) is the primary cause of world hunger, a primary cause of sickness and obesity among its consumers, the greatest cause of planetary pollution, the second greatest cause of global warming, and the largest user of water – beyond even human consumption.
Our constant blaming of governments and multinationals for the spoiling of our planet is the greatest transfer of guilt and responsibility that any person can make, for the ending, or continuation of this blight on our earth and the suffering of its inhabitants is determined almost entirely by what we, as individuals, buy to eat!
Should anyone find these writings to be extreme or sensationalist, please consider what the Irish writer and critic G.B. Shaw said on the matter: “As long as we are the living grave-yards of murdered beings, we will never see the end of warfare.” Tolstoy said, “As long as there are slaughter houses, there will be battle fields.”
Over eighteen hundred years ago the famous Greek biographer, Plutarch, was asked why Pythagoras was a vegetarian: “Can you really ask what reason Pythagoras had for abstaining from flesh?” he replied. “For my part I rather wonder both by what accident and in what state of soul or mind the first man touched his mouth to gore and brought his lips to the flesh of a dead creature; he who set forth tables of dead stale bodies and ventured to call
food and nourishment the parts which had a
little while before bellowed and cried, moved and lived. How could his eyes endure the slaughter when throats were slit and hides flayed and limbs torn from limb?”
So you can see that the desperate plea that we are here making is no new fad, theory or ‘ism’. Over eons of time the greatest minds that human kind has known have been telling us that we are committing a terrible and undisputed injury to our minds, bodies and souls, when we eat our fellow inhabitants, – not to mention the harm we do to the lives of the animals, to the planet itself, and to other humans: ‘Many children hardly eat, because their food has fed your meat . . .’ We are now inflicting this deprivation and slaughter on our fellow inhabitants on a scale that is more than a thousand times greater than all human warfare. The basic economics of land usage means that every day that you eat any kind of farmed meat, some human has to go short of a day’s food. And what is the strongest argument I have heard from any Christian?: ‘If God hadn’t intended us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?’ When you hear that, which you will at some time, just reply, ‘If you really believed that nonsense then you’d also be eating pets and humans. They also happen to be made of what you call meat.’
For myself, the son of a dairy and beef farmer, I have not eaten any meat or chicken for more than forty years. It is thirty-nine years since I ate a fish. Neither are eggs, cheese or cow’s milk significant in my diet. I say this not to boast, but to counter what you may fear about the giving up of animal flesh: my quality of life and my enjoyment of food is as great as
it has ever been, and my weight is the same as when I was eighteen. That is why I, and countless thousands of people who have taken that same first step out of violence, have demonstrated that except in the extreme emergency of starvation, man’s eating of flesh is based solely on habit and myth. That myth has become the most damaging and self-destructive trap that humans have ever fallen into, and as Einstein pointed out after Hiroshima, it is now absolutely vital that we climb out of that violence.
Our evolution was primarily as plant-eaters. Only since we took hold of fire and tools did we begin to eat quantities of flesh, and only for the last one percent of our existence as Homo sapiens – about 7,000 years – have we bred and abused animals in captivity in order to eat them. The more we have done so, the more we have suffered disease, warfare and overpopulation. The philosopher and doctor of medicine, Albert Schweitzer said that warfare cannot end “unless we extend our circle of compassion to embrace all conscious life.”

Further Reference.

Since 1848 The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom has been a world-wide influence on the subject, and a primary funder and resource for medical and nutritional research. They run affordable vegetarian cookery courses throughout the year.
The Vegetarian Society of the UK, Parkdale, Dunham Road, Altrincham, Cheshire U.K.
The Humane Society of the United States has long aided and campaigned for those who cannot protect themselves Its president,Wayne Pucelli is a committed vegan: www.humanesociety.org
Also Mercy For Animals and many other more localized groups do admirable work.
It is possible that no single person has ever done as much to reduce suffering on our planet as has Ingrid Newkirk, founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Members, and those closely connected, number nearly two million people of conscience worldwide. I estimate that she has been instrumental in preventing the breeding and slaughter of well over a hundred million farm animals. But for her work several million additional humans would be going hungry every day of the year. www.PETA.org. and www.goveg.com.
In the U.K. Juliet Gellatly may have done more than any other individual in Europe to expose and reduce the suffering of farmed animals. She founded VIVA, and has gained the support of many influential people, including Sir Paul McCartney. www.viva.org.uk.
Throughout the world there are local societies linked or similar to the above. Joining such groups is an essential step if you wish to play a part in ending animal captivity and world hunger. Members receive leaflets to distribute and informative journals with recipes and news. It is thanks to such united efforts that the caging of birds for egg-laying will be illegal in most countries of Europe from the year 2012.
The above organizations can also provide books and film. For example, John Robbins of Baskin-Robbins wrote Food Revolution, and Diet for a New America (also available as a DVD). Ingrid Newkirk’s (and other authors’) practical and heartfelt books can be got from PETA. An essential read is Jeffrey Masson’s ‘The Face on Your Plate.’
Viva publishes a guide for vegetarian athletes The Food of Champions. (Martina Navratilova gained the all-time woman’s record for Wimbledon tennis wins as a vegetarian. Carl Lewis was a multiple Olympic Gold Medal runner, as a vegan.)
The internet contains a wealth of research information. For example try searching ‘Einstein, vegetarian.’ Or ‘famous vegetarians’ on YouTube
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